I'm David Garvin. I'm an art director and digital product designer living in Costa Mesa, California. My amazing wife owns and runs a small coffee shop called Neat Coffee

Design is about solving problems. Making complex things simple. Creating something beautiful. I will always be learning how to design things in a way that changes people’s lives for the better. Most recently I've been designing apps, before that I focused on website design. 

Outside of work I like to travel with my wife, take and edit photos using VSCO Cam, hang with friends, and eat too much sushi. I listen to a lot of podcasts and I keep my drum grooves simple but in the pocket. Video games inspire me and get my brain running at full capacity. CS:GO is really the only game I play.

Feel free to contact me to ask any questions or just say hi.
Thanks so much for visiting!

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2011 – 2013
Design @ ENVOY

2013 – 2014
Art Direction and Marketing @ KKI

2014 – 2016
Art Direction and Product Design @ ENVOY

2016 – 2017
UI Design @ GoPro

2017 – Present
Product Design @ Happy Money